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And the Best Baby Halloween Costume Award goes to Chucky.  My niece is only one and she’s already killing it in the costume department.  It’s in our blood, yo.I can’t get over how much this rules. Zoom Image

And the Best Baby Halloween Costume Award goes to Chucky.  My niece is only one and she’s already killing it in the costume department.  It’s in our blood, yo.

I can’t get over how much this rules.

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The happy life.

To live with purpose,

to say the courageous thing,

to celebrate the simple gift,

to follow your dreams,

this is a happy life.

Wayland Henry

° ° °

To all the stars that danced together so we could meet: thank you.

Happy Anniversary, sweetness. 

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:: Happy Halloween :: Zoom Image

:: Happy Halloween ::

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Jumping back in

Life is for living.

That’s the whole philosophy behind this tumblr, my photography, my pancakes, my sock choices, my waking and dreaming life. I don’t really need reminders of this simple truthy nugget, but life sees fit to deliver them, anyway. 

I don’t resist or shun these cosmic memos — whatever their form — since floating in the waves is significantly easier than trashing against the current.

I am not up for delving into the details of A Summer Gone Awry, explaining away my absence from this site, my career, and really, my life, except to say:

Celebrating everyday is what carried us through our dark, frightening, cheek to cheek dance with mortality.

New traditions were born out of it. Saturday morning cartoons have more prominence than their magnificent run during the summer of 1987. Soft sheets and exactly perfect pillows are more valuable than jewels strewn on the ocean floor. Hand holding emerges a far more intimate practice than 63% of the Kama Sutra.

The moment we were granted a reprieve from constant worry and sad panda faces, you better believe we took to literal and figurative high five-ing, hollering, and jumping.

Even if it’s all snatched away from us again tomorrow:

Today, we lived.


Gone for the summer. Gone photographing. Gone baby delivering.

I’m working from an itsy bitsy netbook, that while mindblowingly adorable, requires squinting* as a requisite to view the screen. I might as well be updating from my phone. You know, if it had that kind of capability.

My typos reach egregious levels every 8 words.

Not only will I be without my longstanding, longloved laptop, but I’ll be embarking on a four to six week whirlwind multi-city tour of Too Busy To Blog, But I Love You®. 

I’ll be gone the rest of the summer.

I hope to pop in a couple of times while I’m away to reassure you that rumors of my running away with the Czechoslovakian Knife Throwing Circus are wildly overstated [but I will definitely scratch and claw my way to the Internet to announce the dates and locations for The More, The Merrier.]

I have some shoots lined up I’m really excited about and look forward to meeting new people, happy clients, and smiling faces. I am still accepting a limited number of bookings in the New England area for the month of August. Squeeze yourself into my calendar!

What I’m most thrilled about is attending and documenting the birth of my niece. I am entirely obsessed with meeting her and getting her foot’s autograph. The latest ultrasound indicates she has a mohawk mirroring mine. Gaaaaaaah.

Filled with equal amounts of unbridled joy and acute anxiety,  I attempt to alleviate my fears about delivery and labor through video watching [bad move], book reading [I’m going to forget it all] and reminding myself of the billions of women who’ve come before us and not exploded.

I really can’t wait and am up for for whatever is flung my way.  Hopefully it’s not the actual baby or placenta.

I am bursting with delirious, joyous anticipation.

A very happy, memorable, and celebration-studded summer to you all. 


V a n e s s a

* Any future wrinkles were for you, dear reader.