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Baby Shower: Lemonade & Lollipops

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royal belly: Natalie [Pt. 2 of 2]

I hadn’t visited in a couple of years, but I had a place in mind for our shoot. As we approached the fields, the rows of ranunculous appeared a little drab and lackluster. I grew concerned we’d only encounter a carpet of muddy petals and half-clinging blooms.

Fortunately, closer inspection revealed that despite the late season, the majority of flowers persisted.  There were some destroyed, trampled pockets due to rogue children, but the security guard who caught us crossing the yellow Do Not Cross / Flower Murder Scene tape seemed eager to accommodate our sneaky, big-bellied photo ambitions.

Three cheers for the Federation of Awesome Photo Conspirators!

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royal belly: Natalie [Pt. 1 of 2*]

Sometimes the photographer jumps in on the action, too.  Belly rubbing optional, at no additional cost.

I like to make use of small windows — small windows over the kitchen sink, small windows of time.  The former provides a resplendent display case for garden tomatoes and rings that grow slippery with soapy water. 

The latter feels like a stolen [and therefore, more delicious] moment.

Natalie and I stole and freely borrowed those precious moments, before the sun rises too high and burns too brightly, for an impromptu maternity shoot. 

Our window? 25 minutes. We made use of a simple porch, the rich tones of a wooden shed, and the wonderful roundness of her belly. 

I took a little less than a bazillion pictures. 

I may be just slightly biased because she’s my sister, but Natalie makes watermelon-smuggling and baby-carrying look luminous and gorgeous.

I can’t wait to meet my niece. Our entire family is pregnant with anticipation.  Almost as pregnant as Natalie.

* Part 1 of a 2 Part series. The 2nd part would be the planned, less stolen moment shoot.

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First look : Natalie

I’ve been working on all sorts of mundane and magical things.  This level of busy-ness is energizing rather than enervating. 

Here’s a first look of today’s maternity shoot with Natalie. I see some really big living room prints in her future.

I’m working on processing the photos in the next couple of days and will have them up real soon. My empty suitcases and image files are vying for my attention with equal vigor and intensity — but we know who always wins out.